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About The International L.I.S.T. Tour


Lessons in success training is a business workshop that has, over the last 5 years,  implemented trainings that empower, encourage and provide resources for greater  representation of medium level entrepreneurs around the globe.  It first began in the USA and has now dedicated itself to bridging the gap between the African and American  sectors for global expansion and greater access to the markets.  The ILT encompasses 5 states and has over 3000 entrepreneurs in its database around the world. The ILT collaborates with credible local and international global organizations to deliver resources to attendees. 

Our vision is to see medium level entrepreneurs developing the skill sets to create their very own wealth. 

Our mission is to provide expert instructors, mentorship snd resources that will enhance their talents and ability to create their success.

Our Core Values:

  • Passion
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Work ethics 

Our Objectives:

  • To educate and challenge medium to high level entrepreneurs to maximize their skill sets and elevate to their full potential. 
  • To create a platform of learning and building valuable business relationships.
  • To build a sustainable support infrastructure for mentoring and business guidance 

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