The  ITL's mentoring program is designed to meet the needs of the growing community of medium level entrepreneurs in Africa who are seeking structure, further development and surrounding mentors.   This mentorship is to maintain accountability in the heart of the entrepreneur so they can become trailblazers as well as create their own path. 

Our mentors consist of expert instructors both from Africa as well as the United States of America who are seasoned in their craft and possess great values and a moral compass.  

The mission is to see them grow into high level women and men who will impact their communities and the world at large.  

We plan to:

Assist program goers get through the clutter of entrepreneurship and map out their goals, then create a strategy to get them through the process of attainment.  

At the end of the program, they will obtain a certification of completion with a plan and strategy. 


How long does the Mentoring Program Last?

The Mentoring Program spans a 6-month period. You will be required to commit at least 2  hours per month  over the period.


Is there a fee attached to the Mentoring Program?

Yes there is a one time fee of N25,000 required to be paid before start of program if selected into the program.


What does this fee cover?

The fee covers the training program and administrative costs.